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Noah's Bark In-Home Pet Care was started in 1993 by Joanne and Jack Meyer.  Having a life long passion for animals, they decided to extend their love and care beyond their own pets and care for those in need in their immediate neighborhood.  As the word spread so did their team and they have been providing their services to families on the Main Line and surrounding areas for the last 20 years. 

Our Goal

Noah's Bark strives to provide our customers with the best possible care for your pet when the best provider, you the owner, is unavailable due to travel, business, illness or other circumstances.


As pet owners ourselves, we understand the worry of leaving your beloved pet with strangers in unfamiliar surroundings.  We eliminate some of the worry by caring for your special family member in the warmth or your own home making you and your pet much more at ease. 

Our Clients

Our clients range from vacationing families to busy executives who sometime need a hand caring for thier pet.  We also work for the elderly, sick, or injured who may have problems with the everyday duties associated with the care of an animal. While the human clentele is obviously a big part of our business, we at Noah's Bark feel our real clients are the pets themsleves.  We sometimes go for weeks without seeing the owners, but we see each of the animals up to four times a day.  these pets depend on us and we realize this.  That's why we care for these pets as if they were our very own!

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